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How to Use FosterFire Bead Release

  1. Stir or shake to thorughly mix the release.
  2. Take a clean and dry mandrel and poke it straight down into the jar of release.
  3. Draw it slowly straight up from the release to get a thinner coating, faster for thicker.
  4. FosterFire can be flame dried or air dried.
  5. If flame drying - just gently cook the release in the tips of the flame until it's dried, then use as usual.

Some helpful hints:

A thinner coating generally works best for most glass working applications.

If you're having problems with flaking or cracking, add water, mix thoroughly.

The release should have the consistancy of tomato sauce from a can.

It is normal for FosterFire bead release to look a bit rough on the mandrel. You can "sand" it a bit with your finger to get a smoother bead hole on transparent beads.

Storing the jar on it's lid helps keep the release from drying out - that's why the label is on upside down.

Dipped mandrels can be used up to more than a year later.

Frozen bead release just needs to be thawed and remixed - it's fine. It doesn't get ruined by freezing.

Our release is non-poisonous, non-toxic. If a pet eats it, the main hazard is that the pet could become constipated. Just give lots of water and it should be fine.

Please feel free to e-mail any questions. You will usually get an answer within 24 hours.

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